We all enjoy receiving gifts. When it happens, it’s a heart-warming moment.  Irrespective of what it is, it brightens our day and puts a smile on our faces. It could just be a cheap trinket worthless in value, yet priceless for the thought and effort involved. And if it so happens that it is a really expensive gift that cost greatly, then it’s even more appreciated and possibly something you’ll look after a little better than a plastic toy.

The element of surprise can be such a fun thing.  Growing up, my parents often used to tell me to ‘close my eyes and open my hands’, I just knew I was getting something special, even if it was just a sweet or a chocolate – it was awesome because I knew I was loved.

But what about those nasty moments when someone pulls a bad one on you?  Pranks can be a lot of fun, but possibly dangerous if irresponsibly done.  Most pranks can be laughed at afterwards, but what if someone plots against you, something you never ever expected?

Sometime back I went through just that.  Someone fabricated some pretty ugly things against me and accused me of all sorts of lies. It destroyed me at the time, emotionally I was a wreck.   All this happened by the way, in front of about 20 people, kangaroo court at its best.

7 months later and I can freely speak about it without that feeling that someone just put a knife through my heart. Forgiveness restored me and God really made me whole again. He carried me through those very dark days and showed me how much He really cares for me.  Now, I can almost hear some people saying, “But Al, if God really cared that much for you, why would He allow you to suffer such torment?”  It’s simple, I live in a fallen world with fallen & sinful people, people just like me.  God rescued me from disaster and gave me the ability to trust Him fully, in all things!  God might not have desired for me to go through that experience, but on some level His hands are actually tied.  Mankind was given the authority to rule over earth and all that’s within, and sin caused us to become corrupt, rude, lying, unforgiving and nasty people.  Fortunately though, we don’t have to live under that curse anymore, there is freedom in Jesus.  Now, I am by no means perfect, I just strive to be like Jesus and He chisels away at the rough edges in my life and smooths me out on a daily basis.

As dreadful as that experience was, I can now thank God for it.  It made me stronger, not harder. It instilled great faith in me to depend on God and it reminded me of what really matters in life. Most importantly, it showed me who I never want to become, an accuser without accuracy and evidence – I never want to be the one to destroy someone else’s life like that.

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