I have found that many people categorize people who create. They box them into a certain corner that justifies all the disorganized daydreaming that other areas of society have no time for. But in a world that is developing way faster than our mindsets are, I have found that creativity is becoming more and more vital in every role – whether you’re a businessman or a sculptor.

So here are a few different kinds of creative that you might identify with.

Strict Creative

These are the artistic cats that love their craft more than the air they breathe. You’ll find them holed up in various basement spaces – practicing their craft to a fault. It’s all about precision and definition with them and they normally have a difficult time connecting with people who don’t share their commitment. These types of people will achieve new heights of brilliance but will never believe they have ‘arrived’. Their cause: noble. Their impact: specific. Whether marketable or not, the talents displayed will be marveled at and praised by onlookers.

Functional Creative

This breed of creative is slightly more social. They can engage with a wider variety of people and tend to see the big picture instead of sweating the small stuff. Fine details can be frustrating, while the direction of whatever they are involved in is of utmost importance. Don’t get in between this kind of creative and their vision. It won’t be pretty – even though their craft is meant to be. Definite strength: they know how to make things happen. Dangerous pitfall: they can manipulate unscrupulously if they don’t keep themselves in check.

Catastrophe Creative

This kind of creative thrives on limitations. They are the type of people you want around when you need to get yourself out of a pickle. They think fast and manage the crisis – normally with an ‘out of the box’ approach. Deadlines make them thrive. Urgency is their fuel and impending doom is their fire – and MAN ALIVE they can burn when both are present. Pro: you will never lose with them around. Con: without limitations they can become lackluster and lazy.

Isolated Creative

Most creative people have a tendency to withdraw from unnecessary stimuli, but these people take them as an insult. They are whizzes that can execute a singular vision with a unique style of brilliance. But there is no room for someone else’s opinion. What they bring to the world: some of the purest forms of human brilliance. Possible problem: the world might not need or want what they are offering.

Innovative Creative

These guys are first cousins to the Functional Creatives but are incessantly analysing their current situation. They have an eye for identifying system detractions and are always wanting to improve the WAY things are done rather than WHAT is being done. What’s awesome about them: our way of life is a lot easier because of them. Possible frustration: the content may never become reality because the systems are overedited – you could get caught up in ‘being creative’ and not create anything at all.

To be honest, I have been all of these people at some point. And I am richer for it.

No matter what state we find ourselves in – creativity is a basic part of who we are made to be. You are made to make something of this world. And when inspiration is lacking, God comes through every time. Well that’s in my experience at least. I hope you’re encouraged. And if you find yourself caught up in your dysfunction and need a way out – the best way to start is getting to know God. Click on the link below to find out more.