Is your life all about the next big deal? Is being successful the most important thing to you? What if there is a deal that is more important than money or possessions; one that could literally save your life.

It’s in our nature to always look for the best deal, to try and find the option that will benefit us the most. We always want to come out the winner, knowing that we have gotten the best out of the situation. But is it possible that there is a deal more important than all of that? A deal that not only has the power to save your life but to give you life. It’s a deal that we don’t deserve, one that is given to us for free, the only thing we have to do is accept it.

THE DEAL picture

The deal that I’m referring to is that Jesus promises to forgive us and love us unconditionally if we just choose to live for him. There is no catch or hidden motive, no clause or termination policy. It’s a deal that is based on love and the knowledge that there is nothing we can do to separate us from the love of Christ. Don’t let life pass you by, constantly trying to find the next big deal, when the biggest deal of our lives is available to us right now.

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