You’ve heard it said that too much of a good thing is a bad thing.  How could social media, which is a good thing, also be a bad thing?  The dangers of social media are very real – the proof is in the pudding.

There are over 750,000 registered child predators in the United States.

And Social media is an ever growing platform that we use to connect with current and long lost friends, and family members. We also use to to connect with new friends we make. But in some instances, it’s used to connect with people that we don’t know. In this video, Coby Persin creates a social experiment with the permission of the teenage girl’s parents, creates a fake facebook profile and starts chatting with these underage girls.

In all cases the girls respond, and then something more surprising happens… they agree to meet up with a complete stranger when their parents are not around. What was found in this video is shocking and everyone should see. Be sure to watch until the end, and use what we’ve learned in this video to better educate your friends and family.

Watch this video and observe the dangers of social media.

Credit:  Edited // allviralposts

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