The Bad Mood Blues

I have often been labelled as a melancholic, a person who has mood swings that are swift and ferocious. I am used to this categorization. I actually forewarn people before they have to experience it in action but actually, mostly, I am just like a grumpy dog that needs a good rub and some love to get back to normal.

How does one control these mood swings, these quick changes from love to hate, from appreciation and brotherly love to loathing and sarcasm?

Often my mood swings come when others aren’t being considerate, when someone complains that you ask them to do 20% of the workload when you have done 80% of the work, or when people try to tease you and get a rise out of you. [And they always seem to do it when you are feeling exhausted, drained and unloved]

Those are the times when I can’t be nice any more  when I have no ability to be a good neighbour  no ability to be an ambassador for my work, my faith or my family. I cannot be who I was designed to be: an up-lifter of others, a Christ-follower, a good spouse and friend, an ambassador for my continent and country, a declarer of hope and life. ALL I can manage to do is blow out, be rude and sulk away into a corner.

My question is: do we know how to get out of the corner? Do we know how to rise up again and be decent, happy people and valued members of society?

Maybe it is by listening to a great uplifting song or drinking a cup of sweet, sweet tea, or maybe it is thinking back to all the things that we can’t be when we are sulking in a corner: an ambassador for our work, our faith or our family. During episodes of Bad Mood Blues we cannot be who we were designed to be: up-lifters of others, Christ-followers, a good spouse and friend, an ambassador for our continent and country, a declarer of hope and life.

How do you get out the sulking corner? How do you get out of a bad mood?

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