We are all creative.

Creativity is not a label we can assign to ‘artists’ – the painters, musicians, writers and performers of this world. We all produce elements of life that can be used by others therefore we are all creative.

Whether it’s programming a computer, arranging and interpreting data, convincing potential clients or sculpting a masterpiece – we all contribute to society in a way that should be effective.

But having the ability to be creative does not mean we are all using that potential. There is always room for improvement. There is always a higher level of operation. As an ‘artist’, I have realised that there have been two ways people can improve what they do.

a) Be driven by others

This way is one that you would probably most identify in your schooling years. As an external influence, people can drive you to improve your craft and character. Whether out of fear, encouragement or competition, this is an important stage of learning who you are and realising your potential. But there is more. External influences will result in negative lifestyle traits. You can become lazy, easily discouraged, non-committal and stressed when you are always looking outside yourself for motivation.

 b) Inspire yourself

 The Latin origin of the word Inspire means ‘to breathe into’. In many ways, I believe this is true for our purpose as well. Inspiration is the oxygen to our purpose.

Aside from God, you are the one who is most aware of what you are capable of. You, therefore, have a responsibility to yourself and to the world to outwork your potential. The only way you will be able to do this is by learning to be inspired.

So how do we make our purpose ‘breathe’?

How do we ensure that we are living at our true capacity?

  1. Inhale

Draw things from the world around you that give life to your purpose.

Whether it’s nature, art, scientific breakthroughs, other peoples’ stories – if you are encouraged by what you see, you can turn that into motivation for yourself.

But it is YOUR responsibility to find what makes you feel alive and apply it to your skills and goals in life.

  1. Break It Down

Just like air consists of many different gasses, what you receive as inspiration needs to be broken down. A musician can be inspired by an athlete. He may have no similar abilities, but the discipline the athlete portrays can be translated and applied to the musician’s life.

You need to ask yourself why something inspires you. You will be able to break it down to fundamental elements that you can then use to grow your own purpose.

The biggest inspiration to mankind is God. If you are stressed, demotivated, frustrated or just feeling stuck in the demands of everyday life – God can help you change your perspective and remind you why he made you. If you want to find out more, click on the link below.

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