The Paralympic Games in Rio have kicked off, and sadly they don’t get as much attention as the Olympics – in my opinion.

Yet some of the stories from this event are nothing short of inspirational.

And this is one of those tear-jerking accounts.

Fourteen, yes, 14-year-old Ntando Mahlangu made history this past weekend after becoming one of the youngest athletes to obtain an Olympic medal.

Mahlangu won a silver in the 200m for above-the-knee amputees, in Rio.

And what really gets me about his story – he learnt to walk just four years ago.

Talk about an over-achiever!

I have no doubt Mahlangu has a great career ahead of him.

When I came across this story I couldn’t help but think that you and I have no excuses for not doing what we seek to do.

Ntando is the perfect example of what it means to set your mind to a goal, no matter what, and to overcome the obstacle and hit the target.

Often we come up with millions of reasons, why “not” – but this young man reminded me that anything is possible!

What is it that you seek to do? What excuse have you made? How are you procrastinating?

Watch Ntando’s race here:

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