When last did you do something, see something, taste something and allowed yourself to be moved, to be wowed?

In recent years we have become so consumed with immediate gratification, with wanting more and insatiable standards that we lose sight of simple joys that surround us every day.

I must admit I am guilty of overdoing the “wow” sometimes. I am easily fascinated by music, places and people. Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to an African gem; ultra runner Ryan Sandes. WOW! What an athlete! (Here I go again)Sandes has completed off-road races on 5 continents and won a great deal of them. His sport allows him to travel from the United States to Asia, South America and Australia racing on mountain trails, deserts and in some areas where no trail exists. He shared with me his love for the sport and how it constantly offers him the opportunity to be wowed. In love with nature and the outdoors he is fuelled by the beauty of our God created earth.

There he is, seen it all, won most of it, literally ran across the planet and yet delights in views from African peaks and landscapes of the Australian outback. Interacting with his peers and heroes yet delights in the friendly faces of foreign countries.

Ryan Sandes – Ultra Runner

As Africans we are blessed beyond measure with beauty and diversity; some to the extent that we look without seeing, accept without acknowledging and discover without enjoying having visitors from far away cherish our land more than we do.

I was, once again, wowed by this athlete. This time it was less by his abilities and accolades but more so by his attitude and perspective. Soon after our conversation I exited the building where he trains and I was greeted by greener grass, interesting architecture and art filled skies. I was in the same place I had spent the last 2 hours but the difference was in the way I took in my surrounds. Ryan reminded me that it was ok to be overly impressed by what had been in front of me throughout and now I would like to extend that to you.

Take a look around. Or better yet, close your eyes, remind yourself of the many wows in your world. From sunrise to sunset, traffic jams, fights with friends, cooking catastrophes, children’s tears and failed attempts. Take it all in; where you’ve been and where you could go. Wow! I dare you to be impressed.