I have enjoyed writing for 1Africa this year. It has been an honour to get to share my thoughts and ideas with all the readers around the globe.  As my final blog for the year 2016, I would like to bring this thought.

A lot can happen in a year and no doubt many of you reading this may have had some struggles or tough moments. I would like to encourage you to be grateful. Yes, I know being grateful when things aren’t going your way seems to be a lot harder than when everything is going well. However, I believe that gratefulness is one of the main keys to receiving breakthrough in areas of your life where, maybe you have been experiencing assault.

I know I have spoken about gratefulness before – this time I’m coming from a different angle. It’s such an important lesson to learn because not only does gratefulness turn your negative mind-set into a positive one, that positive attitude changes the words you speak. In light of the fact that our words have the power of life and death, it is highly recommended to be more grateful.

In the bible there is a story of Jesus healing these ten lepers. As they obey Jesus’ command to go show the priests their miracle healing, it says they were cleansed as they went. It also records something quiet sad. The important factor to take note of here is that of the ten men that were cleansed, only one man came back to give thanks – Only one man actually realised the gravity of what had just occurred and returned to give thanks to Jesus – I mean, he came back and fell on his face in praise and worship for what Jesus had done for him.

The rest of the men just took their blessing – their miracle, and continued on as if nothing amazing had just happened. No thankfulness for their healings, no gratitude and they didn’t receive the full blessing.

Gratefulness brings the full blessing.

The funny thing I noticed was that in this story, all the men were cleansed of the disease but only the one who returned and gave thanks was made whole.

The bible says that as all the men went off they were cleansed, but the guy who came back to give thanks was told by Jesus that his faith had made him whole.

It makes me wonder about the other nine men who were only cleansed but not made whole. It’s sad that they lost out on being made whole because of their unthankful spirit.

If you are going through good times give thanks, if you are going through bad times look for something to give thanks for. Turn your eyes from your problem to something that you are grateful for.

The thing I have realised is that no matter what happens, there is always one thing we can all always be grateful for regardless of the season we are in, and that one thing is what Jesus did for us.

In this season of thanksgiving and Christmas, I want to draw your attention to Jesus and the fact that all who accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour will be forgiven of all their sins. Through His death on the cross we are giving the keys to eternal life – we are brought back into relationship with God – Back to righteousness and holiness. If we want to receive real wholeness, we must always keep returning to give thanks for all Jesus has done!

I encourage you to click on the link or pop-up window and find out more about Jesus and all He has done for you so that you can be made whole. Your life will never be the same again.

Have a wonderful festive season and Merry Christmas to all.

God bless.