I’m done! I can no longer defend the game of football against the accusation that it’s played by a bunch of ‘sissies’! It’s impossible to do so with all the trademark diving and acting that’s been going on during the 2014 World Cup. I wish these players would stop faking it!

I enjoy watching Holland play. I enjoy the vibe and the energy that they bring but I want their participation in this World Cup to come to an embarrassing end. Why? Because I cannot stand it when an obviously talented and brilliant player like Arjen Robben thinks he has to keep faking it in order to be successful and win! Trying to convince the referee that they’re not faking an incident by faking that incident is no different than cheating. I feel for the referees though, because these players have perfected this art of faking it with the referee only getting one look at an incident. While I’m not entirely sure what the solution is, it is definitely something that harms the game and should be rooted out.

Off the field of play, the same can be said for many of us. Think about the amount of times we’ve tried to pull the wool over other peoples eyes by acting a certain way to fit in, or dressing up to project a certain kind image, or saying all the right things in order to sooth itchy ears and the list goes on and on. I think it’s the same thing – we’re faking it. Why do we do that? I know, as people, we have a deep need to belong, to be loved and accepted, but if we have to fake it in order to experience these things are we really being loved and accepted for who we are?

Let me cut to the chase: We’re good enough. We were wonderful and fearfully crafted and created. Stop faking it.


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