I am very fascinated with the world we live in. On one hand I love how technology and social media makes us feel connected and informed in so many ways. However, with the good, there is also the bad. Technology and social media, if not used in a healthy manner, can steal from us and distract us from living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

For example, as I mentioned above, on one hand social media and technology can keep us connected and informed. Yet, the very thing that keeps us socially connected online, encourages us to be less connected personally with others because we are so absorbed  in the online world. We then open a door to assumption, judgement, and passive aggressive behaviour towards others.

When we are impersonal

  • We are less concerned for the person/people as a whole.
  • We assume more based on what we perceive on the outside, without taking the time to ask and find out directly.
  • We become clicky and exclusive when it comes to friendships, which in turn can lead to passive aggressive bullying of others.
  • We become more opinionated and judgmental based on our emotions and assumptions.
  • We make it all about us, and become defensive easily. I have often seen people read into Tweets and Facebook status updates and assume others are always talking about them.
  • We use online subtext with others as a means of making very impersonal and hurtful statements about them.

When we are personal with others

  • We make more time to sit down with others and truly get to know them, and their character face to face.
  • We’re giving people our time, which places value on them.
  • When we are personal with others, it forges strong, healthy friendships with others.
  • When we are personal with others we feel more comfortable to be direct and open when discussing important matters with them.
  • Being personal suffocates any assumption, because we truly know the heart and character of others.
  • When we are personal with others, it encourages us to grow in character.

I think it’s easy to judge others based on their pictures and social media status updates. I also think it’s easier to assume the worst, and place people into a box based on an assumption. However, I do believe that when we choose to get to know others personally, and give them a chance and believe for the best in them, it shapes our character profoundly and positively influences the world around us.

Creating a personal world

Just imagine a world where we gave each other the time of day. A world where we sat down and had personal face-to-face conversations with others. A world where we put our phones away, and really engaged with others properly. A world where we gave others a chance, and made them feel connected and valued. It’s a world that we need to fight for, by being intentional about getting to know others personally.

The truth is we live in a social media and technology driven world, and we can’t escape it. However, what we can do is cultivate and encourage a heathy dynamic of friendships and relationships with others by being personal with people. So, why not start today by inviting someone out for a coffee, and have a conversation that truly matters!

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