Spring is the season of new beginnings, fresh starts, the season of growth, life and renewal.
Where the flowers begin to bloom into beautiful floral masterpieces and the rain lessens in exchange for the glorious sunshine. It is a colourful season, and for many a happy season, as people come out of their winter hibernation and start preparing for the upcoming, energetic summer season. Some people take this time to do some “spring cleaning”, sorting and organising.

I love the springtime in South Africa, it is so beautiful. Today I drove past the beachfront and stopped my car to take a photo of the stunning scenery that surrounded me. I was filled with so much joy just taking in the beauty of it all. It feels as if there is an awakening in the air, hearts are being stirred and prepared for something bigger, a new season, growth, renewal, change.

God says it so beautifully in Ecclesiastes 3:1
“There is a time for everything, and everything on earth has it’s special season… “


Some of you might be going through a very difficult and tough season, the feeling of being in the desert or stuck in the wilderness, lost or afraid. Some of you may be entering into a season of growth and learning and some of you may be blossoming into a healthy and happy season of life. God tells us that there is a time and season for everything. I believe just as there are seasons of nature there are also seasons of life. The other day I drove past a sign on the highway, it said: “Sometimes new beginnings are disguised as painful endings“. It’s quite a bold statement, but all too often true. We fail to see past our current circumstance, and are blinded by the emotions, but God see’s further, He see’s deeper and He knows best.

God works everything out for the good. He is the architect of our lives. He knows the plans and what lies ahead. God created the seasons of life so we can grow and learn and develop our character. God gives us the opportunity everyday to change, grow, learn and make a difference, but it is up to us to make that decision.


In the verb tense, ‘spring’ means to kickoff and produce and develop suddenly, moving forward by leaps and bounds, hence the old saying, “Spring has sprung”. Are you going to move forward in leaps and bounds and spring into action this new season of your life? With a positive attitude and a willing heart to make this your very best season yet, and then take it on through to the next season and the season after that…  most importantly are you going to move forward in FAITH and HOPE and allow the Creator of the universe, God Almighty, to help you grow, learn and change in the very best possible way?

Seasons change… Leaves fall… But God’s Love for you remains the same through it all.

God loves you so very much! You can never stop growing and learning, if you have stopped then it’s the season to start fresh and start growing and learning again! I feel like I am growing and learning with each new day! Make this your best season ever! Remember the best is yet to come!

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