So you probably think you’re just an ordinary person. You think you just go about your day, doing what you do, minding your own business.  You know; just being you.  Then you find a quiet moment and think about God.  He’s so big.  Majestic, and marvelous and man-oh-man, there’s no one like Him!  Our Jesus; the Name above any other name, and all things were made by Him and for Him and through Him (John 1:3).  Wow!  He died and after 3 days He rose again and it was all because of the love that the Father has for us and His desire for a relationship.  And then it dawns on you.  If the Bible says that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you, (Romans 8:11) and that through the Spirit of Jesus we are no longer orphans but can now call Him ‘Abba/Daddy’, (Romans 8:15) then we can be secure in Whose we are, and have His Spirit in us to do INCREDIBLE things!  No; you are NOT an ordinary person; you are EXTRAordinary.  Now you’re getting excited and passionate and realise there is nothing you can’t do for God and His Kingdom.  This is amazing! The Spirit in me? Yeah!

Now you realise that there is nothing you can’t do for God and His Kingdom

So how does knowing this piece of news change you?  Do you even believe this truth?  It’s seems so clear to me that people read this on forums, in their Bibles and hear it preached from the pulpits and still just go out and are prepared to live ordinary lives.  How can we when we know these truths? Surely it’s time to step up and live the lives we are destined and empowered to?  We are the body of Christ; His feet and hands.  Isn’t it high time then, that we get moving and shaking?

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