I was intrigued by something I saw on social media about life-hacks. Have you heard of them before? Life-hacks are shortcuts to everyday chores that need to be done around the house. However, I have found that shortcuts don’t always save you time.

I find it fascinating that we are so obsessed with saving time. If you think back to our great grandparents, they would wake up every morning and bake their own bread. As soon as they finished cleaning up breakfast, they would have to start preparing lunch. Dinner took hours to boil and simmer and roast. People worked hard around the house and in the garden. Life was tough but stress levels were low and overall satisfaction was high.

But not today. We are rushing around , trying to save 10 minutes here and 30 minutes there. And for what? Just so that we can spend more time on our phones? More time on social media feeling like everyone else’s life is better than ours? Because we certainly aren’t spending that extra time exercising. So many people say that they don’t have time to exercise. We may not be spending that extra time with our children because studies show that the amount of time kids spend watching a device or TV is higher than ever. And we are most certainly not using that time we’ve saved to explore faith, read our Bibles or go to church. Countless people say they don’t have time to read their Bible or go to church.

So what are we doing with all the time we are trying so hard to save? We take shortcuts in traffic just so that we can rush home and lie on the couch being bored. In trying to save time, I don’t think we are saving much of anything.

Shortcuts can cause you to sacrifice quality

If saving time is the end goal then attention to detail and quality will diminish. There is a saying that goes, “Don’t count the days in your life but the life in your days.” Our lives are meant to be enjoyed and not endured.

Let’s stop rushing from one thing to the next and actually slow down to enjoy the journey. God has plans for us to enjoy our lives and to live our best life.

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