In today’s society we get bombarded with constant bad news. Reading about murders, rape and accidents every single day has become a norm we have accepted into our lives without question.

I recently realized the effects all this bad news has had on my mindset.

I think because I’m a woman I’m more prone to paranoia than most, but just being alone at home made me aware of every little crack or noise. Just walking down the road turned into torture as each person walking behind me would turn into a suspect! I would say a little prayer of thanks every time I got home unharmed.

It’s not that I want to live an ignorant life, but so much negative news cannot be good for one’s peace of mind. So I decided… no more news for me for a while!

Instead of reading newspapers and watching news bulletins, I started diving deeper into  other people’s good news, whether it be an engagement, marriage, new baby, new job, promotion or just celebrating life in general!

Because if truth be told, that is what God intended us to do from the beginning -enjoy life and share love!

There is so much good stuff out there that we don’t often hear of because the bad news get flashed into of our faces on a daily basis.  It’s up to us to stop concentrating on the negative and rather concentrate on the positive and good out there.

So go on – share your good news with others, whether it be a huge or a small thing. You will be surprised how your good news can become their good news.



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