Submission is a word not many people take kindly to. In fact, it sounds downright unjust in our modern-day culture. So much of what we believe, however, is revealed by how we live. We all submit to something. Whether it is to fashion, your friends, your emotions, the weather or the law, you submit to certain ideals every day.

I hate being put in a box. One of the worst things you can do for me is try categorise who I am. I really like to think of myself as a non-conformist, but lately I have realised that conforming isn’t something you can avoid. Even the rebel has to conform to something else to reject what their authority is dictating.

There are two ways that I have realised we submit.

The Slave

It is in our nature to look for authority. As much as we want to be in control, feeling safe is largely related to how much we trust those who hold responsibility over us. The problem is, when we don’t recognise the power and impact something or someone has over us, we can end up indebted and bound to the consequences of that authority. It is the moment “I want to” becomes “I have to”.

Have you ever felt like there is no way out of a situation? Maybe look at how you are approaching the authority you are submitting to you… Are you thinking like a slave – forced into things, regretting your decisions and desperate for any kind of escape route?

The Servant

Many people don’t think that there is much difference between these two terms. The word ‘slave’ is a label. ‘Servant’ is more of an attitude. You can serve someone without ever being a slave. As much as being a slave reduces you, being a servant empowers you.

Many times I have sat in situations where I felt like I was more of a slave than a servant. I was bound to my emotions. Held captive by my situation. I have allowed myself to be oppressed instead of inspired by leadership.

But that is when I have learned to stop and change how I look at life. We were never made to be slaves, but we are challenged to be servants. Serving allows you to see what you have as a contribution, not a requirement – and that places value on yourself before anyone else has to.

What you believe about yourself and about God will determine how you see faith. God is not a slave master. He does not want you to fit a mould and be right. But He does value servanthood. Because serving is voluntary and brings joy. You have so much to give this world – and He knows it because He gave it to you.

I hope you are challenged to rethink where you are at. If you want to get to know God as a Father and not a Master, click on the link below.

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