I recently heard an interesting story highlighting the differences between Western and Eastern shepherds and the way they herd their sheep.

It is said that shepherds in the West herd from behind with harsh shouting and screaming, as well as with the use of sheep dogs.
While that seems somewhat effective, I find it rather exhausting. Imagine yelling and shouting all day, not my idea of fun.

The shepherds from the East herd their sheep from the front, only with the use of their gentle, even toned voices, no shouting and screaming needed, and no dogs either.

Sheep know their shepherds voice. They either know it and follow whole-heartedly, or they fear him and resist following as in the case of the Western shepherds – chasing the sheep and forcing them into a specific direction (as opposed to following because they believe in him and trust him).

Jesus said in John chapter 10 and verse 27:

27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

In these very trying and difficult days, there are a lot of different voices calling out to us, many different noises and sounds; shouting and screaming, demanding our attention.

Leaders often fall into this trap. They lead from behind using all kinds of terrible tactics and methods instead of leading from the front by setting a healthy example and taking charge.

So, who do you pay attention to? Who do you allow to rule your life? These voices who threaten you as they scream and shout, or the soft, gentle ones who genuinely care for you and your well-being?

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