The humble King is an oxymoron unless you are talking about Christ.  He was noble and self –effacing; powerful and gentle, authoritative and accepting, sovereign yet submitted, royal yet humble.  Yep, this is our Man. We are called to imitate, model and project the ability to temper our influence with humility for God’s purposes in others. To do this we need to think humbly.

God’s dream for you looks like this: You have influence without ego—You are capable of retaliation but choose reconciliation—You pass up power to increase God’s influence—You submit to God’s plan versus presuming them—You freely notice others—You empty yourself instead of being self-entitled—You are willing to honor your efforts in His time.

Ask yourself: Do I see Jesus humbly and clearly—Do I want the character quality of Jesus in my own life—what sort of character do people sense when they are around me? Do I make things easier or harder for them by being humble?—Am I stand offish or easily embraced by others?

After you answer these questions with an honest assessment, take the first step of humility by submitting your life to Christ. That’s what Jesus-style humility looks like. That’s what it means to be humbly significant.


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