Long before we reached the end of the year 2014, I experienced physical and mental exhaustion in a way I have never experienced it before. From Jan 1 2014, things got busy for me.  A new year had just begun, I was excited at the prospect of the many things I planned to achieve in this year and, like most of you, my long list of new year resolutions demanded all my attention and energy. Being caught up in the ‘to-dos’ , I neglected to take time off to rest, thinking that December is probably the only suitable time to rest.  So, day in and day out , my thoughts only traveled in the direction of getting work done and not so much towards giving myself time to rest and renew my energy. This approach to life only led to burnout. I was tired before I could even get to some of the things I had planned to do.

We talk a lot about the importance of physical exercise and eating healthy, which are non-negotiable disciplines if we are serious about our physical and mental well-being . But we also need to learn to take frequent rests, for the very same reasons for which we are willing to sacrifice that extra hour of sleep to physical exercise or take time to look through the list of ingredients that make up the products we consume, with preference given to gluten-free, low-fat, organic food . Nothing can wreak as much havoc on our health, freshness and appearance as fatigue and tension.  If you are interested in remaining healthy and reaching the end of 2015 in good shape, consider taking frequent rests within your busy life routine.

“Do what the Army does – take frequent rests. Do what your heart does – rest before you get tired, and you will add one hour a day to your waking life.” – Dale Carnegie

I owe it to myself to also mention that sometimes, though we do everything humanly possible to remain sane and in good health, we encounter situations where our healthy eating habits, regular exercise and rests can’t do much for us. I have been there many times. It is in such situations that it becomes evident that we truly never have control over our lives. We can eat veggies till we turn bright green and jog every morning till we’re sore but when we reach the brink of depression due to the unforeseen pressures of life, we realize then that it takes more than our own efforts for us to keep it together and stand strong in light of life’s many challenges. Am I saying we should sit back, do nothing and leave our fate to the unknown? Definitely not. But one thing I have learnt this year in particular is that there is a place where human strength on its own runs out. There is more.

If you ever wondered what that ‘more’ could be because your many efforts have let you down when you needed strength the most, please click on the banner below and watch the video. We want to share this message with you.

May you stay healthy and strong throughout 2015, no matter what comes your way.

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