Our youth at church recently decided to make purity pledges in which they pledged to live pure lives by abstaining from sexual encounters until they are married. In America the purity pledges started in the 1990’s among Christian-affiliated sexual abstinence groups  by means of singles wearing purity rings as a sign of abstaining from sex until marriage.

As a married woman it made me think about whether purity pledges are merely for abstaining from sex before marriage or whether it’s not actually about living a pure life in thoughts, words and deeds.

Whether you are single or married, purity is something we should all strive for. How else will the world see the difference in us as Christians if we don’t stand out because of our morals and beliefs?

Let’s not lose our effectiveness as Christians by conforming to worldly standards which says there is nothing wrong with premarital sex (God designed it for marriage and it’s a beautiful union that should be protected and respected by all), gossiping about others (we see it daily in gossip columns in newspapers, magazines and websites), not talking to others (because they are not as “holy as we are”), but let us be the light shining brightly into the darkness, proclaiming by living pure lives that indeed there is a better way of living and in pursuing purity in all areas of life true fulfillment will come from within.

What are your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.

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