News feeds around the world today are filled with stories about the situation in Zimbabwe.  However, with vague details and conflicting perspectives, it’s difficult to know exactly what is unfolding in the nation.  What we do know is that it is a sensitive and significant time in the life of that nation. Regardless of what is happening or who is instigating the action, the ultimate authority still belongs to God.

The Bible tells us that we should pray for our leaders and rulers, not so that a particular agenda or political ideal will succeed but so that there will be peace, Godliness and dignity. (1 Timothy 2:2)

Today we pray for peace in Zimbabwe. We pray that God’s will would be done.  We pray for wisdom for the leaders of the nation and for the surrounding countries that they will respond to these events in a way that will see Zimbabwe continue forwards toward a peaceful and positive future.

World events can cause us to feel unsettled, anxious and concerned about the future.  It’s hard to be at peace when situations arise that pose more questions than answers. However, peace isn’t just the absence of uncertainty or tension, true peace is found in knowing Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, and being sure of your future because of your relationship with Him.


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