Today, is a significant day in Kenya as the population heads to the polls to elect a new leader.

Following on from months of uncertainty and divided opinions over the validity of the previous elections in August, the polls have been opened to give the people of Kenya an opportunity to recast their vote for a new government.  Sadly the feelings of hope that normally accompany such an event have been marred with unrest and violent clashes, leading to many to boycott the process or stay away from the polling stations due to fear.

The game of politics is an interesting one, whether you are in Kenya, Zambia, the UK or the US. The patterns always seem to be the same. Election after election, new candidates rise to prominence, promising to be The Answer to all the country’s woes. They promise to bring change and to get everything working again. In reality, very few do. It is true that there are leaders who are passionate about their people and who are able to do some good but, on the whole, human history is littered with countless experiences of people letting each other down.

Moments like the one Kenya is stepping into provide us all with a timely reminder of our fallibility and that of our fellow men. In spite of our best efforts, even our great leaders and politicians are not enough to see us through. While we pray for a peaceful election in Kenya and hope for the best, we should also take stock of our lives and ask ourselves deep questions about where we place our trust. Is it in some great leader or rising politician? That is not enough. Is it in our savings or retirement funds? The great crashes and recessions have proved how unreliable and fickle the markets can really be. Wherever we look in the world, it’s clear that we need help.

Through His son Jesus Christ, God extends His hand to humanity. Beyond just a helping hand, He offers relationship. It is this relationship with God that shapes us and enables us to navigate life, with all its hurts, troubles and disappointments. In a sense, it is a choice very similar to – but far greater than – an election because it has deep and lasting consequences. Leaders and systems may come and go but God promises that His love for us remains forever. If you don’t have a relationship with God and want to know how you can explore one, chat to us below. Even if you have questions and want to engage with us on matters of faith, we encourage you to connect with us.

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