Life, at times, is made quite complicated by all the hardships we are forced to endure. We are told this is all part of the growing up process. It seems like life was much simpler as a child, but the truth is we can’t live like Peter Pan, remaining young and irresponsible forever.

So how do we deal with the reality of adulthood and responsibility? Is there ever a point where disappointment stops hurting?

For me, there are a few ways of dealing with disappointment. Firstly, I give the situation in its entirety to God and ask Him to give me wisdom and understanding.  I ask Holy Spirit to speak to my heart and reveal the truth of the situation to me. I take a few steps back and observe the situation for a moment, as if from a bird’s-eye view. From there I think it through, from start to finish and determine the truth of the situation versus the preconceived ideas and imaginations I conjure up from my fears or incomplete information. In fact, what I find really helpful is jotting down my thoughts at the end of each day, briefly writing down the positives and negatives of the day and coming up with possible solutions for the more serious thoughts that concern me.

At what point does it stop hurting?  The moment I hand over full control of life’s difficult situations to God and realize God has given me a sound mind and his perfect love drowns out all fear (2 Timothy 1:7).