Ever since our twins were born, my husband and I have made a determined effort to have regular date nights. On one such recent movie and dinner evening, we returned to our first ever date restaurant – Nando’s. According to legend, the African Bird’s Eye Chilli or peri peri spice used to create the unique Nando’s sauce is rumoured to put a fire in your belly and ignite passion in your soul. Whether my husband of more than 13 years had that in mind when he took me there all those years ago is doubtful, but I did marry him a little more than a year later.

This outing to our much-loved spicy eatery got me thinking of passion, and I’m not only talking about the loving kind. What are you passionate about?

The dictionary defines passion as: a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is also an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. Based on that definition, what or who are you passionate about?

True passion keeps us moving forward

It keeps us growing. Passion for life, for fulfilling our purpose, leaving a legacy and making a difference for the good in our world, drives us and enables us to stay sharp and have influence. When Jesus Christ walked on this planet, He said that He came to show us that we can live with passion. He said that through Him, we are able enjoy life, and live in abundance – to the full and till it overflows (John 10:10).

If it feels like you’ve lost your passion, it’s time to reignite a flame that will, in the coming days and weeks, grow to something you can once again consider a burning passion.

Shift your focus

Instead of becoming despondent with your current lack of passion, focus rather on what you have, be grateful and start doing what you’re good at, and brings you the greatest joy and fulfilment. Also, notice who you love being with, who keeps you sharp and brings out the best in you.

Reigniting passion does not, unfortunately, start with a trip to your local Nando’s, although that’s not a bad idea. Stirring real and lasting passion starts with the greatest command we’ve been given – Love God, love yourself, love people (Matthew 22:37-39). As we genuinely love God and seek to follow Him wholeheartedly, we go on to love ourselves and so naturally love those around us. In this way, rather than living a mediocre life, we go on to live a life full of purpose and passion.

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