When I was in primary school, I had an art teacher who had one rule in her class that was never allowed to be broken.  She never allowed us to erase anything.  Whatever we sketched, painted or drew was to be worked with, even if it started out as a mistake.  She simply used to say: “Turn that mistake into a happy mistake.”  This troubled me because my art skills are as good as my Latin, so mistakes were found on every page!  But, I learned to adapt and started figuring out ways of turning those mistakes into happy mistakes.

No matter how you look at it, no matter how you choose to live your life – fear will ALWAYS occupy some part of your life.  You might be able to keep it at arms length, but you will always be aware of it. Fear will always be taunting at your heels like a yapping dog wanting to pinch at your ankles.  There is no escaping it, because when faced with life’s challenges, there will always be something hindering you from succeeding, breaking through, being the best person you could possibly be, at the task at hand.

The choice however is always the same. Will I allow this fear to influence my life and cripple me, will I allow it to determine my future, or will I choose faith and rise above my limitations, my restrictions, my insecurities and personal ‘handicaps’?

Whether you’re afraid of spiders or snakes, or intimidated by people (or a specific person), or just insecure in a particular area; there is hope for you!  You can choose to view those fears as opportunities!  Yes, you can turn those mistakes & fears into happy mistakes!  

What better way to deal with that big scary word other than making it into something small and striping it of its power?!  FearFace Everything And Rise.  Perhaps that’s what we need to do with our fear.  Just face it and rise above it.  Yes, fear is scary and not easy to overcome, but think of the absolute achievement when we conquer this beast and kick fear in the teeth!

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