Tired of your job? Not excited to bond with your laptop for another LONG year? Reckon it’s time you took a rain check on that sales position and started to look for something which you preferred? Well, perhaps you should and here are some ideas of how.

Have a coffee date with yourself

Ask yourself what do you dislike about your current job? what do you like? Which situations have you done well in and which have you struggled with. Where do you see yourself in 5 years and where do you see yourself in 10? The more detail you are able to provide the clearer you will be on what kind of job you want to go for.

Hang with HR

HR wants you to be happy. Happy employees are productive employees. Think about your current position and if there are any opportunities within the company. Think about growth within the company and how you can both facilitate this – for example: you and the company split the cost of a new course. You don’t know unless you ask, and you can’t expect HR to read your mind. Or anyone for that matter.

Update your Resume and LinkedIn

Yes everyone else may be sipping beer and sprawling near the pool over the holidays but you want to be ready when the new year comes. Take some time each day to update your resume and profile, there is nothing worse than the perfect job coming up and you don’t have your gear together.

Plus, who knows who is wondering around LinkedIn and may stumble across your pretty package.

Holiday party #networkopportunity

Perfect. Everyone is warmed up by the free alcohol and feeling happy about life because they have eaten an entire salary’s worth of sushi for free. It’s the perfect time to a) get around the company bureaucracy, b) suss out any potential ideas. Keep the conversations positive, tell them how much you LOVE the company and see where it goes.

Ask around

Apparently, but don’t quote me on this, 50% of jobs are found through personal networking.  Which makes a lot of sense because we trust our friends and therefore we trust their friends. Plus people will put in a good word for you, and that good word could be the difference between a yay or nay. So hey, be smart about it, but don’t leave your networking skills outside with the meat on the barbecue.

Get your interview outfit ready

If you dress a certain way then you feel a certain way. If you feel a certain way then you are FAR FAR more likely to be confident about something and walk away with a win. Get your business suit ironed, even put it on, mentally go there before you physically go there. It works, promise.

Follow follow follow

It’s called social networking for a reason people. Beyond the ‘okay what was Freddie doing on his 4 week holiday to Madagascar’ which blocks up your feed, social networking can be a great way to make a connection with key people in your industry. So don’t feel too bad about that hour you spent on instagram last night before you went to bed. Unless you were liking pug photos, of course.

Treat yo self

Job hunting is exhausting and can be very depressing. We’ve all been there – who feels like a bag of smiles after failed interview number 18? Gulp. Give yourself something to look forward to when you land the big JOB. It will help keep you going, and help keep you head up.

List your strengths

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves – actually you rock. A lot. More than you think. You’re even allowed to look in the mirror and say “hey girlfriend, you da best.” I like you a lot and this is what you’re good at. Don’t be shy, but do acknowledge you have been given a lot and you have things going for you.

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