My Story – Wendy

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. I’ve followed the crowd, followed the world and followed my own selfish and rebellious ways. I thought I knew better, thought my friends knew better and found my life in quite a mess by the time I was 19 years old.

I guess for me, it was brokenness that caused my heart to rebel against God’s ways. I know we shouldn’t play the blame game but if I had to blame anything, it would be that. If hurting people, hurt people, then I suppose broken people break things. I broke the rules, broke hearts and broke God’s law. Alcohol didn’t help, relationships didn’t help and parties didn’t help. I needed a way out and I was completely helpless to get myself out of the mess I had gotten myself into.

But then one morning, that all changed. I’ll never forget it because that was the day that changed my life. Trying to recover from the previous night’s party, a voice called out to me. I believe it was the voice of God. He assured me that He had a better plan for my life and the way out was to get out of where I was and leave that old life behind. It felt incredibly impossible and incredibly easy, all at the same time. Difficult to leave behind the life I had become accustomed to and difficult to follow an invisible voice. But it seemed so easy to follow the instructions of a voice that felt like home.

What I came to realize is that I had no idea what Jesus accomplished on the cross. I had heard about it, read about it and even sang about in church, but really, I had no idea. I thought Jesus died for all the wrong things I did so that I didn’t have to pay for them. I thought Jesus died to make a way for ordinary people to go to Heaven. While all of that is true, there is so much more.

Yes, Jesus paid the price to wash away all my sin and mistakes, my guilt and my shame. Yes, He provided the way to eternal life with God in Heaven. But what I was missing out on was the one thing that gave me the power to change my life. Jesus died so that I can be forgiven, set free from my past and healed spiritually, emotionally and physically. But what I discovered next, changed everything.

When Jesus rose from His grave He demonstrated immeasurable power. When He walked out of His tomb, He proved that He had conquered the power of death and the power of sin. You see, sin isn’t just a word for the wrong things we do. It is powerful, it is a force that drives us, tempts us and then condemns us. Death is the most final and most powerful thing in our world. Jesus defeated its power when He rose from the dead. And that changes everything.

Sin no longer has to have power over us

We can go from feeling helpless and overpowered by sin and temptation to walking in freedom and power. When we accept what Jesus did for us, we no longer have to sin. We now have the power to say no to temptation and yes to Jesus’ way of doing things.

The love of God overcomes everything we can face

It’s love for you that kept Jesus hanging on that cross. He had to lose His life so that we could find ours. Because His love for you is perfect, it is sufficient to heal every brokenness in our hearts and trample on every fear that tries to torment us. His love paid for our freedom and it cost Him everything.

So what must you do now that you know this truth?

  1. Accept what Jesus did for you and surrender your will and your life to His will and His way of doing things.
  2. Trust that He is in control and He will lead you into your best life.

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