I’m always in contact with people and especially ladies that have kids and the one thing that I have picked up through many conversations is, that unfair as it may sound mother’s have their favourites among their children.

I don’t know whether it is because I don’t have children of my own that I find this unacceptable and I just cannot see how a person can differentiate between children that all grew under their heart and they gave birth to.

Never mind the child’s temperament, no-one is ever the same, as God created us all to be our own individual and placed unique characteristics within us. These characteristics are obviously from both mother and father and therefore you get a mixture of both parents in one. So I just cannot see how one can favour one child before the other and I hope that when I do have my own children I will use Godly wisdom and treat them all as individuals and love them all equally as I’ll surely be carrying them all for 9months right under my heart.

Imagine God having His favourites among us? Would we be happy when we clearly see God favouring others that we feel don’t deserve it more than us?

God calls us all the apple of His eye because we are all made in His image and in His likeness, just as our kids are made in our image and likeness. Lets love unconditionally as the Father of all fathers love us unconditionally.

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