It’s no news that failures and let-downs are and will always be part of life’s journey. If you haven’t experienced disappointment before, you probably know someone close to you who has. So knowing that life does indeed throw us curve balls at times, what should our attitude towards them be?

Attitude is the very thing that makes all the difference, it separates those who succeed from those who just barely make it.This may sound cliché but we can’t deny its truth: life is about choices! And one of the choices we have to make each day is to either allow ourselves to remain ‘fallen’ after hitting a rock, or take time to learn from that painful experience, and move on. Now, there are levels of pain that tear us apart on the inside and moving on from such experiences are definitely not a walk in the park.

All I’m saying is: “Refuse to remain fallen.Refuse to quit. Refuse to give up. Refuse to accept a ‘No’ from life.” – Unknown


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