It seems that everywhere we look, people are anxious to make more money. But did you know that money makes a lousy friend?

I recently had dinner with an extremely wealthy individual. They had the mansion in the security estate, drove a fancy car and wore only expensive name brands. They had worked hard their whole life to get to place of wealth.  As we continued in conversation, it became so evident that they had been chasing money their entire life.

Money seems to be the end goal today. We go to university to get a degree in a field that can earn us a lot of money. I think our background has much to do with this drive. For those who grew up with money, the goal is to keep the standard we are accustomed to. And for those who grew up without money, the goal is to make a life different to the one we grew up in.

While money is a necessary part of life, it makes a lousy friend. Many people do whatever it takes to get a hold of as much money as they can, yet at the end of it all, it fails them.

Money fails to make us happy

No matter how much stuff we buy, none of it makes us happy. Worldly possessions cannot satisfy our souls.

Money doesn’t stick around

Regardless of how much money we earn, it never seems to be enough. Have you ever felt as if you have holes in your pockets? Money seems to disappear out of our lives just as quickly as it entered.

Money makes a lousy friend

So many of us chase money at any cost. Often it can cost you your marriage, your kids and your relationships. If money is your goal, you may find yourself at the end of your life, surrounded not by loved ones but by things.

Although the individual at the dinner table had much more earthly wealth than I did, I could tell that they were not truly fulfilled. Money cannot fulfill and satisfy at a soul level. Only a relationship with Jesus can do that.

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