Wondering where our A’s have gone? Here’s a hint: You can give it away, but you can’t live without it. Letters — A’s, B’s and O’s, the letters used to identify the main blood types — are disappearing from signs and even social media platforms everywhere. 

The National Public Health Service in the UK have been running a campaign since last year to create awareness on the importance of donating blood. This might sound like a small, simple gesture, but this innovative campaign prompted more than 30 000 people to donate blood, which proves that whatever they did, worked.

This year more countries — from South Africa to Singapore to Brazil — are joining in. The US Blood Service is asking people to “find the her_ in y_u.”

The success of this simple campaign, which appeals to the generosity in people and asks them to give away something that they take for granted, inspired me to ask a simple question to myself: “What if I am equally generous with my faith?” Just like our blood, “giving it away” simply creates room for more.

As humans, we cannot live without blood, and in the current state of the world, I believe we need to be “donating” much more than the missing letters in our blood stream. Something only we have: we need to be giving hope to others. The kind of hope that can only be found in Jesus.

Go and donate blood today, and in the 15 minutes you are lying there, kill the time by donating a little bit of your faith too… you never know, it could save a life!

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