This week, England celebrated the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, Latin for ‘the Great Charter’, and this event has been marked by a great deal of pomp and ceremony, even outside of England itself. The document, viewed as a guardian of ancient personal liberties, wasn’t really appreciated much until centuries later when it began to be viewed as one of the foundations of democracy. If you want some in-depth info about the Magna Carta, watch the video below:

One thing becomes very clear, when you hear more about this document and go deeper into understanding what it stands for: we all want to be free. At the heart of every human being is a burning desire to be unchained of everything that holds us back. The shackles that bind us are not always physical. In fact, the greatest chains are the ones in our minds. When we cry out for the establishment and protection of our rights, it’s because we are answering to something deep within us that longs to be all that we were born to be.

Sadly, when we allow ourselves to be held hostage by hate, addiction and other low forms of life, we keep ourselves in a prison that will limit us for as long as we allow it to. And when we come to a place like that, no document – Magna Carta, Bill of Rights or constitution – can set us free. While we celebrate any charter that enshrines our liberties, we need to be humble enough to recognize that true freedom begins from within.

In the Bible, Jesus Christ declares, “you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” What is this truth that he refers to? Is it attainable in our lifetime? The truth is not religion or any other human exercise. It is something greater and deeper. If you’d like to find out more and find a platform to ask questions, click on the banner below.