It’s amazing how God is full of grace, love, forgiveness and peace yet at the same time he is Sovereign and uncompromising. God forgives us when we fall short, yet his thoughts are unwavering. He isn’t double minded; he doesn’t change his viewpoint on what is right or wrong, holy or profane.

He never moves the goal posts to suit us. Instead he gives us what WE need in order to change.

There can be direct parallels drawn in this video between the relationship of the boss, his employee and of us and God. Just like the boss in the video, God has a standard. He has given us a task and wants to see us accomplish it.

But that isn’t where his involvement ends. God doesn’t just leave us to figure it out for ourselves; he equips us and gives us signs that will help guide us in the right direction. Just like in the video, when Adam feels all is lost with his design, he receives a message that gives him a nudge in the right direction.

The biggest revelation of the film comes at the ending, when you realise that Adam’s boss is also his father! Isn’t that the most powerful representation of our relationship with God? He is our King, but at the same time he is our Father. He rules the universe, yet at the same time cares for us and wants to have a personal relationship with us. He protects us and gives us freedom, but disciplines us when we step out of line.

What an amazing God we serve!

I love that no matter what path we are on in life, God will always find a way of bringing us back to Him. He is the Architect of life.  He holds the plan to our future. Even if you have lost your way, know that God still knows who you are and where you are and that his greatest desire is to bring you back.  Not back to a place of darkness but a place of light and freedom, a life with him at the centre.

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