Relationships are an important part of life but sometimes they can be as temporary as they are vital. It’s crazy how someone can be in your life for a really long time and then all of a sudden, they’re not. But I’m not talking about romantic relationship break-ups, I’m talking about friendships. When you’re used to always having someone around – that person you can always depend on – then all of a sudden, one day they’re not there anymore. It can hurt a lot. The reality you knew has now changed and you’re forced to adjust.

Life happens

I had a best friend for thirteen years. We did everything together and were completely inseparable. You never really saw one of us without the other.  We attended the same primary and high school and only stopped seeing each other daily when we started attending different universities.  As life sometimes goes, we became extremely busy and started making less time for one another because, well just because.

The truth is that we stopped prioritizing our friendship and started prioritizing everything else above it. It’s sad to say but there’s no other meaningful explanation for the end of one of the most important friendships in my life. We just went longer and longer without talking and then longer, became forever.  Sadly after 13 years of friendship, neither of us could swallow their pride and message the other first.

Live and learn

As hard as this journey was, losing a sister-like friendship, taught me a lot. I’ve learnt that not everyone is meant to be in your life forever, and that’s okay – some people are just in your life for a season.

It’s taught me that even though people aren’t going to be in your life forever, you shouldn’t treat them as if they’re temporary. You should still love them and care for them the same.

Best Friends Forever

It’s not easy (nobody said it would be) it’s actually quite difficult to give yourself to people.  Friends play important roles in our lives – they care for us, support us, nurture us and are there for us as we hurt, heal and grow.  A friendship breakup can make it so difficult for you to trust a friend again but thankfully, the Bible tells us that there is a friend who can be closer than a sibling and who will never leave us.  His name is Jesus.  Don’t get me wrong, a friendship with Jesus doesn’t take away all the pain that you experience in life.  He’s not an insurance policy against hard times or difficult circumstances but when you include Him in your life, you don’t have to go through things alone.  He can fill the void and ease the hurt that you’re going through.

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