Sneaky whispers creep in with deceptive lies, that end up making homes within our hearts. Little whispers that mess and toy with our emotions, and cause us to think less of ourselves. Sometimes these non-truths lead us to doubt who we are, to not love who we are, to despise ourselves. They make us forget our worth and value, in turn causing us to fear, to feel anxious, to feel insecure.

Little lies creep into our hearts more often than not. They wrestle with our hearts, and enslave our thought life. Sometimes without realizing it we entertain those sneaky little lies, and we feed them by entertaining and by listening to them. If we do not become aware of these lies, then we end up giving them the power to constantly control, consume, and dictate how we live our lives.

But, if we become more intentional about having those heart reflections and addressing those sneaky deceptive lies, then we become aware of uprooting them and removing them from our hearts, and ultimately from our lives.

A lie’s sole purpose is to:

  • deceive
  • enslave
  • steal from us
  • lowering our sense of self-worth and self-esteem
  • causing us to doubt, fear, or to feel hopeless and less than.

Lies can steal and negatively harm not only ourselves, but those that we love. Lies may encourage us to respond out of insecurity and fear. Lies can cause us to compare ourselves to somebody else, or to feel like we are useless or worthless.

When a lie creeps into my heart and it causes me to doubt myself, or causes me to act out of insecurity, I quickly pause for a moment and ask myself what that little lie is about, and I immediately tell it: “No thank you!”

You see, we have a choice when it comes to what we allow and entertain within our hearts and within our lives. But overcoming those lies, and nipping them in the bud requires intentional effort on our part. The more determined we become when facing these lies, the more we will feel more confident, happier, and free!

Killing those lies daily requires us to…

Identify the root causes of it

We all have little trigger points, maybe little areas that are sensitive spaces, and cause us to react in an unhealthy way. Once we know and understand what the root cause of those issues are, and we know exactly what we are addressing and healing deep within us.

Uproot all lies

Once we have acknowledge those sneaky deadly lies, the next thing to do is to uproot it and say to it “No more!” When we come to a place in our lives where we say “enough is enough, I am done with these lies”, we are being intentional about uprooting it out of lives once and for all.

Constantly fight off those lies wherever they try to sneak in

Just like weeds creep in from time to time, so do little lies, maybe new lies, or old lies creep in to taunt and haunt us. Be alert and on guard, when it comes to recognizing them and fighting them all.

Replace those old lies – with truth

A lie’s main job is to deceive us into believing something false. Which in turn causes us to think and behave in way that is conducive to that lie. When we uproot an old lie, we need to replace it was absolute truth, and that truth for me personally has always been Bible verses where God so clearly, and so eloquently speaks of His perfect love for us, and how He sees us as His masterpiece, a work of art!

There are so many beautiful, and power verses in the Bible that are full of truth and life, that brings healing and restoration. If I can encourage anything it is that for me personally the Bible and my personal relationship with God has worked so many miracles in my life, and I know He can do the same for you! And what I have come to learn and know so well, is that God takes our brokenness, and He turns it into something new, something beautiful!

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