It’s not always easy to let go of things that burden us, weigh on us, and stop us from moving forward. You know, those things we hold on to in secret, or the things that start to control us, and emotionally disable us. I’m referring to those things that start to become the norm; our norm:

  • Past hurt and disappointments.
  • Anxious and fearful thoughts.
  • Trying to fix everything, and everyone.
  • Things that are out of control.
  • Unhealthy relationships.
  • Unresolved issues.

It’s not always easy to let go, because we become too familiar with these things. We know it’s not healthy, and we certainly know it’s not good for us, yet we can’t seem to let it go!

Maybe we struggle to let go because:

  • We fear the unknown after letting go.
  • We believe that this is our burden to carry.
  • We have no hope.
  • Our identity is now shaped around holding on to our burdens.
  • We believe that we deserve the weight and pain of holding on.
  • We forget our worth and value, and we hold on unintentionally.
  • Maybe we don’t know how to let it go.

It sometimes feels easier to hold on to our burden and hurt. We want to keep it for ourselves, and we don’t want others to see it. Strangely enough we become protective and defensive with the burden that we carry, because it’s personal to us and it becomes a part of us.

However, we can’t live like that. We can’t move forward or embrace new things if our hands and hearts are too full because we’re carrying things that weigh and slow us down. We can’t move forward if we are constantly looking back and holding on to the past and all the “what ifs”.

Letting go isn’t easy, as it means facing things, and it means embracing what was, and being open to healing and moving forward. If we had to be honest with ourselves, we’d admit that holding on can be exhausting as it becomes a heavy burden – one that we can’t carry forever. Letting go isn’t a sign of weakness; in fact it means you are brave. It means you value your sense of self-worth because you want the best for your life, and you want to move forward and embrace new things that are good for you.

Letting go is not always easy, because we have to face certain things that don’t always make us feel comfortable. Healing matters of the heart and mind can be overwhelming, yet it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you’ll be relieved to know that with God we can overcome all things. When we seek Him, and ask Him for His help and His guidance, He will respond to us and meet us exactly where we are at.

In the Bible it says:

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.
Plans to prosper you, and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

I love this verse in the bible , because it’s a promise for you and for me. God doesn’t want us to live a life full of burden and disappointment. He wants us to live a life full of hope, joy, and blessings! I always feel so relieved knowing that I can lay all my burdens before God. It’s so liberating as he lifts the weight of my burdens and replaces it with His truth and with His unfailing love!

Friend, you too can live a life that is full of hope, and full of promises. Your best days lay before you. You are not defined by your burdens, and you do not need to be a slave to your burdens. If this post spoke to you, then may I encourage you to click on the banner below.