Everyone has issues. Everyone has blind spots. Sometimes it takes people close to you to point those things out. It’s never easy to face your imperfections and dysfunctions, but in many ways that is the only true way of growing and maturing. I have learnt many times that there will never be a season where you have ‘arrived’ when it comes to your soul.

In the Bible, there is a parable that Jesus spoke about judging others for their dysfunction, while ignoring your own. It talks about you being concerned about the speck in someone else’s eye while you have a log in your own. I have recently been reminded about how important it is to face your own issues – to actively turn your attention on to yourself.

In this age it is easier than ever to live completely oblivious. We can be clueless when it comes to the state of our souls and our impact on those around us. The distractions online, the endless availability of entertainment, the access to indulgences that numb our problems are not helping. Since there are so many stimuli, we live as souls that are receptive to everything around us – which in turn can make us victims of our surroundings. I have found myself trapped in the slippery perception of others, in the seductive claws of alternative realities and in the sweeping instances of ‘how things make me feel’.

But we were not made to only be influenced. We were made with the intention of making an impact – and that requires us to look ourselves in the face and honestly take stock of our own state. No one can lie to you like you can lie to yourself. It’s time to lock in and analyze yourself without excuses. It’s time for a clear understanding of who we are.

There is another instance in the Bible where God is said to have spoken face to face with Moses. It is a term of intimacy. If you think of it Рhow often to do look directly at someone when talking to them. There is a nakedness to that moment that cannot be avoided. I believe that kind of intimacy is required with not only yourself, but with God.

One of the truest sayings I have ever heard is:

“You cannot change what you won’t first acknowledge.”

Once you are willing to see your dysfunction, you will be able to honestly bring all your emotions and frustrations to God – unmasked and honest. He is not worried about your imperfections. He is not intimidated by your mistakes and your sins. He already knows all of them and loves you anyway.

Don’t let guilt or shame make you turn your face away from God. His gaze is fixed – you are eternally seen by Him. If you want to know Him personally, click on the link below. Nothing¬†will give you hope like this decision could.