Remember when you were younger and you were learning how to tie your shoe laces? You were first shown how to do it, and then left to your own devices afterward to try to do it on your own. I remember, as a kid that everything I wanted to learn I wanted to learn on my own. Someone would always show me how to do it and then no matter how many times I struggled to learn it afterward I would never accept help or defeat and continue to try to get it right.

Now in many respects, this is good. Never giving up and pushing for something by yourself instead of accepting defeat is a good thing, but not accepting a helping hand when you need one is really not helpful at all and can ultimately led to your defeat. This is especially true for our relationship with God.

Imagine God reaching out to help you and you saying “No thanks God, I have got this.” What ultimately happens is that you have not ‘got it’ and you end up being in a situation that you could have easily avoided. You see, I like independence as much as the next girl, but I have had to learn that sometimes I need to let go and let God because: God knows!

We were created by God, and because of this He knows us inside and out. Therefore, when we give God our hand and let Him guide us we will walk into the purpose driven life He has already created for us.

“Our arrogance should never be what guides us, God should”

An arrogance driven life is one that will lead downhill, but a God filled life is one that will lead upward, toward heaven.

So next time, you find yourself struggling to ‘tie that shoe lace’, and you need a helping hand, do not be afraid to reach out and get the help that you need.