There is nothing as exhausting and painful as entertaining past mistakes in your mind, beating yourself up and thinking about how life would have been better if you had just made a different decision or choice than the one you made.

Truth about life is no one sails trouble-free, having figured out everything from the day they are born. If you’re a person who has not made any mistake in your life – not even a small one – you are someone we’d like to meet. In fact, please drop us a message in the comments section below. Your secret is something I and probably the rest of the world would give everything to know.

Jokes aside though, most of us know that there have been instances where we messed up, once or many times in life. I personally have made many blunders – whether it be in career choices, romantic relationships, in family, in finances etc. And when we look back on those mistakes we regret, we sometimes cry.

But the interesting thing about life is, as long as you have the breath of life in you, and your heart is still pumping, you have another chance at life, and at pursuing your dreams. This may be a bit of an oversimplification as certain mistakes, in business for instance, can cost you a lifetime of investment, sacrifice and handwork. It is imaginably painful, but there is still life to be lived. You could either beat yourself up for the rest of your life or make the best out of the life, time, energy and resources you still have left. What would your choice be?

Early this week, I engaged in a conversation with one of my sisters and we began talking about something that happened the past. The conversation slowly started bordering on sadness. I immediately said to myself, I will not allow myself to be miserable over something that is gone and no longer has any implication in my present nor future life. I acknowledge where I did wrong, where I failed and I will make sure I learn from it when faced with the same situation again. I know I will do better. But lamenting over a past mistake is something I made the decision to not do.

The most successful person you look up to today, made some mistakes too. But if they stopped at the point of regretting how they missed this or that opportunity, you wouldn’t be looking up to them today. So whatever it is that you are crying over that is gone, remember that you still have life. What are you doing with it? If your excuse is that you are now too old for another chance to succeed, read the following words:

Life doesn’t move in a straight line. Time should be irrelevant to fulfilling one’s dreams, and besides, you never know how many lives you could change by steadfastly fulfilling your purpose. 

Get up, dust yourself off and go for the dream and the life you once desired to live.  If you have questions, if you desire to speak to someone regarding the challenges you are facing, or need help on how to pick up the pieces of your life and reconstruct something meaningful, please click on the banner below or send us a message at [email protected]


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