As a listener, I cannot get enough of this lady. I have found her extremely interesting for a few reasons:

  1. Her musical expressionism is extremely unique – combining afro-fusion, creole rhythms and musical textures
  2. Her organic use of vocals to create a broad atmospheric tapestry of sound
  3. The technical brilliance of theoretical complexity and organic almost tribal expression

All of these are featured brilliantly in her new cover of Ready or Not, originally made famous by The Fugees. The change in tempo and range of rhythmic depth sets it apart from the start, while the choral voices and use of glockenspiel allude to the Christmas-like air that it was written for House of Fraser. Check it out below:

As a music school graduate, my favorite thing about Laura’s work is the distinctly progressive process that she uses when writing. Having graduated from music college herself, she has successfully internalized classical music education – creating something that can be acclaimed both as a progression of intellectual media and a new expression that brings a unique voice to the tired world of pop singles and peculiar covers.

Another really cool aspect of this track specifically is that it retains the Christmas spirit, while sounding diverse enough to stand on its own. I have personally felt that Christmas needs a facelift musically. And this would definitely be one of the first tracks on that new playlist.

It is easy to get lost in the commercial world of Christmas. The jolly and nostalgic sentiments of this time of year are definitely special, but I find them hollow without going to the core of what we are remembering. This is a time when God came to us – bridged the gap that we could never have crossed ourselves. Christmas is a powerful personal moment of thankfulness for me – a time where I can personally express my gratitude for what I have been given. If you want to internalize that reality – Jesus available to you – click on the link below. You have a unique, exciting relationship with the God of Creation in store for you.

Merry Christmas! Grateful for all of you readers.