Desiring to have someone to do life with is admirable. God created us to gravitate towards relationships, no matter the nature of it. On the face of it a relationship may seem like it’s all holding hands and roses but truthfully, relationships are hard work.  Relationships are important in our character building but they are also something we need to prepare for. Sunsets and Valentine’s Day gifts are amazing, but the best gift you can give someone who you are in a  relationship with is knowing who you are. Here are some of the benefits:

Knowing who you are  includes knowing what you bring to the table

This takes time, which is why you often hear the constant lecture about embracing your singleness. It is that period when you are alone that you will best discover who God is and what He has called you to be. This includes having the capability to clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing who you are positions you in a place of security.

Someone who is secure oozes confidence and has the capacity to think things through. They also understands that people are vulnerable to making mistakes, and is not moved when these errors occur. A secure person finds their roots in God and not in unfair expectations of people.

Knowing who you are protects your individuality and validates that.

I constantly remind myself that:

“Although I may be dating now, my partner is not all there is to me. I have ambitions and goals that I need to reach, that are my responsibility to complete”.

You had a life before you met your other half and you need to continue to live after you meet your partner. Your life is not a stop street of stagnation.

Knowing who you are keeps you focused.

Though your boyfriend may be great, on the days when he’s not around you need to be able to figure things out on your own. Your life is not in his hands, it belongs to God.

Knowing who you are enhances your relationships

Any relationship that is built on God is a fantastic candidate for marriage. When two people who know what God has called them to be combine their vision powerful things take place and a solid foundation is a fantastic base to build a home on.

Are you confused about where you are at in life, or would you like to find out who you are and what God says about you? Please watch this video to find out.

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