How often have you stood in front of a mirror and pretended you were a famous actor or actress?  Ok, maybe never, but I have!  I pretend to be Mickey Mouse or Jim Carey or this man that read our local language news for about 100 years.  I was terrible at every one but boy I’m sure I got close to the perfect impersonation, this one time.  So I’m no good at impersonations, but there are trained actors out there that can do it in a heart beat. The best one out there is Kevin Spacey.  He can impersonate ex-US President, Bill Clinton, that even Hillary fell for his prank, for a few moments at least.  He can impersonate some of Hollywood’s best loved TV and film personalities so well, that if you closed your eyes, you’d swear the actual star was there!  One of our favourites is when Al Pacino was featured on Late Night with David Letterman and tried to convince us that Kevin’s impression of him was actually not that good.  Who should walk in, well Kevin Spacey…Here’s what went down.

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