There are many things that get us down, cramp our style, and kill our vibe!   People disappoint us all the time by lying to us, cheating us, stealing from us or even slandering our names and attacking our character. The list goes on and on.  Most times though, we recover fairly easily from these events.  Yes, sometimes we need counselling because such events can be quite traumatic, especially when it involves someone we trusted and loved very dearly.

What keeps us going, what causes us to rise above these hardships?  Some claim it’s their inner strength, their own abilities to endure and conquer.  I however believe its simply a four letter word called HOPE!

If you have hope of a brighter today and a brighter tomorrow, you surely will endure and conquer trials that come your way; you’ll get up from the ground when you’re beaten down, you’ll shake the dust off and you’ll rise above the darkness that put you there, and you’ll shine even brighter, all because you have hope!  Keep hope alive at all costs!

I have been through some pretty rough times and my one constant has always been Jesus, He has always carried me through the difficult and dark days, and He too will carry you if you allow Him to.

If you need hope, let Jesus take all your worries because He does care about you!

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