Advertisers are people I have a lot of admiration for. Judging from the adverts I see daily on TV and online, it appears to me that one has to be extremely creative to produce a 1 minute clip that successfully lures an audience to buy into a product. And man, don’t these adverts succeed in making us believe that whoever created that product went to bed thinking about how they can make our lives and our families better by creating this or that product? If we humans cared  for one another this much, the world would, by now, be a much better place! You’ll recognize this classic line, often said in a lustrous and enticing voice towards the end of many adverts:  “….made just for you”! These words just tickle our fancy, don’t they? Often, a good advert is all it takes to get you to buy a product which you did not even need. What happens, though, is that you fall prey to the well rehearsed, flattering  words of advertisers. I wonder how it is that we are quick to buy into the words of marketers, who in reality – and we know this – are more concerned about reaching their financial targets than they are about us, but we are quick to dismiss any talk about God , and the love He has for us without even giving Him the benefit of the doubt. Is it because we can’t see Him ?

Well, it’s no secret that we here at 1Africa do believe in God, and ours is a very simple and straightforward message. We have no philosophical theory to present to you to try to convince you that God exists. Our lives, and the lives of those who dared to resist the temptation of brushing off the reality of God on grounds that He cannot be seen, tell of how close He can be to those who welcome Him in their hearts. In a world in crisis, we feel compelled to share that God wants to be there for you. He is not confused or intimidated by the circumstances of your life.

We all love it when someone makes us feel as if we are the center of their world. It’s rare to experience this without fearing that perhaps this person may have ulterior motives. Unlike advertisers who say good things as a way to get at your wallet, God isn’t interested in getting anything from you. If we’re to be honest, He owns it all. His only desire is to walk with you and for you to know that He has time, plans and thoughts that are just for you even though your present circumstances may make you believe that God is far away or possibly even nonexistent. The choice to believe in Him or to not believe is yours. You don’t have to live hopeless when there’s hope. We’ve cut together a video which we believe will help you understand what we shared in this article better.  You’ll need to click on the banner below to watch that video. If at all you have questions or a comment related to knowing God, please leave us a message in the comments section below and we’ll gladly get back to you.