So with Easter just around the corner, we thought we would put out a video that highlights exactly who Jesus is. During this time of year everyone seems to know who he is, or at least whom they think he is. To some he is an important man who died and now we have a holiday in remembrance, others just don’t care who he is, but there are also those who believe he is the Son of God who died on the cross for our sins.

So the question is, who is Jesus really?

If he is just another “important” man, then why should we bother studying his life and what he had to say? We could just acknowledge what he did and move on with our lives. But what if Jesus really is the son of God? What if everything he said and did was true? What if this holiday we celebrate is more than just a holiday, and is in fact the most important day of our lives, the day that our freedom was bought.

So don’t you think it’s important to learn once and for all who Jesus really is and why it is that we celebrate Easter. Let’s not allow this holiday to become that, just another holiday. Instead take the time to consciously make an effort to discover who Jesus really is. I promise that the answers won’t disappoint you, instead I believe that the more you find out about him the more you will find out about yourself.

So watch this video and decide for yourself who you think Jesus is.

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