Jesus is real.

You might say, “you’re using the wrong tense there… Jesus was real.” There is enough historical evidence to prove that. You can accept a cold, hard fact and use scientific conclusions to back it up. But I believe He is real. He is present today – as dynamic and life changing as He was when He walked the earth around 2000 years ago.

You might disagree with me. And to be honest, that doesn’t really phase me at all. You could try argue with me on the point (as many have tried) but I know what I have experienced and in the end experience always trumps opinion.

The experience factor

Image you lived in a town that was in the middle of an inland desert. You were able to Google pictures of the sea, you were able to read up about it and had even spoken to other people who had seen it. But there were other people who had never left the town who did not believe that the sea existed. They could claim that those were photoshopped images online. They could say that what you were reading was fantasy fiction. They could label those who talked about the sea as madmen and irrational – going as far as ridiculing them for being so excited and passionate about the wonder of this non-existent ‘large mass of water’. Some of them would have claimed that they tried to find the sea, but couldn’t find it and returned disappointed.

If that was the case, the only way you could find out the truth is by going in search of the sea yourself. And, upon finding it, you would be able to feel the cool foam lap at your feet and smell the salty sea breeze. After that there would be no question in your mind whether the sea was real – no one would be able to convince you otherwise.

That is what it is like for me, and millions of others, when it comes to Jesus. I have had a personal, tangible, life changing experience that I cannot deny and will never let go of for any amount of reasoning. Jesus is meant to be experienced, not just understood – and it is my life’s mission to be like a ‘tour guide to the sea’ for anyone interested in experiencing Him.

Relationship goals

Everyone has that dream partner in their mind. You may have goals to have the best looking, smartest, dynamic life partner, but I want to encourage you to think a bit bigger than the crush you stalk on Instagram. The whole reason Jesus came into this world was so that we could have a personal relationship with the smartest, dynamic, most fun and kind person to ever exist – Himself. That’s why He didn’t simply die – He came back to life – so that we know that He is available to us for the rest of eternity.

The cheesy ‘Jerry McGuire’ movie “you complete me” line is a terrible attitude to relationships. God completes you. He made you – He can fill in the gaps where you have messed up or lost hope. If your relationship goal is first to know Jesus, He will show you who you were truly made to be – before you ever consider sharing that with someone else.

Try it out

It won’t cost you anything to try. It will completely change everything when you find Jesus. He may not be a physical being that you can see with your own eyes, but He is definitely present and accessible. All you have to do is be open to the reality that He is alive and interested in the details of your life. Click on the link below to find out more. I can tell you finding Jesus was the greatest decision I will ever make. It changed the trajectory of my life. I wouldn’t be alive today without Him. I pray you find out first-hand what that’s like.

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