Je suis Charlie

This week, Paris was rocked by a horrific terrorist attack that has left the nation of France reeling in its¬†aftermath. It has been described by many as possibly the worst attack on French soil in modern history – brutal and calculated in its execution. At about 11:30am local time, two men, clad in balaclavas and carrying automatic weapons, entered the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and unleashed a wave of violence that left 12 dead and several others injured. The shootings were apparently to punish the magazine for publishing cartoons that were deemed disrespectful towards the Prophet Mohammed. Among the dead are Hebdo‘s editorial director, four cartoonists and other members of staff. Since then, those opposed to the actions of the masked gunmen have rallied together under the hashtag ‘Je suis Charlie’ (I am Charlie).

The video below, courtesy of Sky News, is a breakdown of a few moments during the onslaught. It shows us that these were highly trained men who knew exactly what they were doing and who had every intention of killing in cold blood.

In a world that is increasingly violent and terrifying, where does hope lie?

Image Credits: openclipart