It’s my culture!

You know the saying “a leopard doesn’t change its spots”? It’s generally used when referring to someone who refuses to change, regardless of the negative impact their actions or inaction may be having on themselves and those around them.

You’re probably thinking of someone who fits this description perfectly. It’s the guy who remains defiantly aggressive in his dealings with potential clients because, “it’s my culture, I’ve always been like that”. Or the neighbour who listens to her music so loudly you can hear the base riff three blocks down the road, because “that’s the way I was raised, deal with it”. Or how about the parents who let their children run amok in the restaurant and refuse to intervene because, “they’re just kids, let them have some fun!”

If anyone tells you they love change, they’re lying. Change is not easy, but it’s vital for us if we want to grow as individuals. How sad to witness a grown man or woman who has consistently refused to adapt and change to their environment or circumstances; they tend to come across as bitter and hard and lacking in depth.

On the other hand, the person who embraces change, and allows it to transform them for the better is the one who is essentially free from fear. When we choose to embrace change and go with the ebb and flow of life, we need not fear the tough stuff of life.

Jesus said we would go through difficult times, but he also said we should take heart, because he has overcome those things that challenge us and threaten to get us down (John 16:33). I’m not saying you have to make dramatic changes right this minute. Those who see the long-term benefits of choosing to change are those who make incremental, sustainable changes and stick with them.

Are you that person who refuses to change? Are you the one who family, friends and colleagues think of when anyone talks about people who refuse to change? Maybe today is your day to make a change. What one thing can you do differently today? Maybe it’s a simple change of attitude toward change – start viewing it as something positive. Think and talk positive when it comes to change – remember, the way you think, is the way you act outwardly (Proverbs 23:7).

Choose to change and become who you were created to be in the process!

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Image Credits: Adobe stock