When most people think of the Bible, they think of an old book, written by people long dead and containing fictitious but inspirational tales from a time that none of us can relate to. When we hear about the guidelines provided for life in the Bible, a few of us may wonder what relevance those words have to the human experience of now. After all, culture – dynamic as it is – has changed. What would people who walked for days and weeks to get to distant places know about life in an age where we’re developing self-driven cars, simply tap devices together to pay for goods and services, and where water is not something to be retrieved from wells but released by opening up a tap? Without question, the issue of changing culture is likely the number one reason why people discredit the Bible. If you’re not as extreme as those who have completely discarded or dismissed the Bible and actually want to find out some insight, welcome! This post is, by no means, an extensive deep study into the Bible. Rather, it’s something to get you thinking and challenge you to dig deeper for yourself. Start by watching this short video from exploreGod.com:

As author Gabe Lyons says in the video, part of the problem that exists about people’s understanding of whether the Bible is relevant or not for our time lies in people not being willing to read it. How can it be possible to have so many opinions about something that one doesn’t even know about? We often complain about how it’s unfair for people to judge us without a proper picture of who we are yet, when it comes to something like the Bible, we do exactly that. We judge it from a distance and don’t do the work of digging in and finding out what is going on.

The Bible, we believe, is the everlasting, infallible and perfect word of God. But it’s important to remember, as we see in the video above, that the story told in the Bible is not over. It’s a living story and we are a part of that story. As you make a choice for yourself to draw closer to God in relationship, you will find that the Bible is far from irrelevant to your life. You will never know this until you open up the book and get in.

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