woman destiny

Isn’t it funny how sometimes things in your life feel…planned? You bumble along trying to figure things out, meeting people, going to new places, getting into hundreds of thousands of billions of conversations, and then there are those odd occasions where you know if you hadn’t met a certain person your whole life would be different, where things almost feel divinely orchestrated.

I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t know how it all works. Maybe its co-incidence, but maybe its not. Maybe there is some plan and pattern, some great force behind everything on earth. I, for one, believe in God. I believe we aren’t on this planet without reason and that our lives are here to contribute to a greater purpose. I believe this God isn’t some big dude in the sky throwing around stars for kicks, but rather, he is caring, kind, and wise. I think he cares about what is happening in my bumbling, figuring, fumbling mess. He cares about me.

What I’ve always struggled with is this question: If there is this great, powerful God who cares about me and has the ability to impact the plan of my life, then where does God step in and where do I? What is destiny? Does he have a plan which I need to follow? What if I do something wrong and the whole plan goes backwards? What then?

I’ve done some research, read a few books and listened to some speakers to see if other people struggle with this same dilemma: does God have a plan and how do I know what it is? I’ve come to a few conclusions that seem to fit my life experience. I don’t know, they may change, but this has helped me understand the complexity wrapped up in the whole God-and-me dilemma. Hope it helps you.

I have choices

God may be involved in my life but he has given me the ability to “choose my own adventure”. I have this thing called choice which means I can steer my life in different directions. Good choices generally mean I navigate my life well, and poor ones mean I may end up in a lot of unnecessary pain and hurt.

Learn wisdom

Wisdom is the ability to know how to deal with situations. It’s the practical application of the right knowledge at the right time. God has given us all wisdom and gives us many opportunities to learn more wisdom. He sends people into our lives who has been through what we have been through so that we can learn from them. When you have wisdom you know what is a good choice in a specific set of circumstances.

What do I want?

Life is a gift. How much you open is largely due to your circumstances and your choice. God wants you to have a good life. He wants you to open as much of the gift as you can, and he will help you. Many people don’t go for it or make the most of life. They sit idly on the sides instead of tearing off the wrapping paper.

God wants your heart

What matters the most to God isn’t what career you chose to do or what country you stay in – it’s your heart. God wants your heart. He wants your love, obedience, and affection. He wants to include you in his greater plan. He wants relationship with you. When you have relationship with God he can teach you his ways.

Trust God

No matter how many good choices we make, life is still unpredictable. Life is not something you can apply a formula to and see results. There are areas and things in life where we are going to have to trust the greater plan. If you believe in God you are going to have to trust that he cares for you and has your best in mind.

Let God change you

As you give you life to Christ and start on a journey of trust you will find you are changed. How you see things changes and your heart towards people changes. When this happens you automatically move yourself into a realm where you are closer to the perfect plan for your life. When you let God change you, you will find that a sense of contentment and peace will be with you.

I’ve come to realise I don’t need to worry so much about what the plan is and how to find it. I’ve found all I need to worry about is making the best choice I can, trusting God and letting things unfold.

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